NOTE:  You can print a copy of our Constitution from this page or request a paper copy from any of the club officers.


Mesa Stamp Club, Inc.

Adapted March 18, 2015


The Organization will be known as the Mesa Stamp Club, Inc. and will be incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona.



The purpose of the Mesa Stamp Club, Inc. is to bring together those persons interested in philately of all types and for stamps of all nations, and for the purpose of sharing their interests in stamp collecting, postal history, and other related subjects. The Club is organized for the pleasure, recreation, and other similar non-profitable (exempt) purposes of its membership. Substantially all of the activities of the Mesa Stamp Club, Inc. will be to further its exempt purposes and not for the procurement of unrelated income unless allowed by applicable laws.


The Organization is established under Section 501(c)(7), Social and Recreational Clubs, of the Internal Revenue Service code. This section provides for net earnings of the Organization to be exempt from income tax as long as certain criteria are met, including but not limited to: A: The Organization’s net earnings may not inure to the benefit of any person having a personal and private interest in its activities, and B: That, should the dissolution of the Organization occur in the future, the remaining financial (cash) and physical (tangible) assets will (a) be returned to those members in good standing at the time the dissolution is decided and / or (b) will be passed directly to a like organization also established under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service code.


Section 1: Regular Membership. A stamp collector (individual) becomes a Regular Member by paying the annual dues in accordance with the Bylaws. A Regular Member shall have the right to one (1) vote for passing motions and for electing officers, and must be present to cast his or her vote.

Section 2: Family Membership. A stamp collector who resides with a Regular Member as part of their family including college students being supported by their parent(s) Member(s), and when the Family Member dues rate is paid, this constitutes a “Family Membership.” Included Family Members will have the same rights as a Regular Member.

Section 3: Honorary (non-voting) Membership. An Honorary Membership may be awarded by certificate and unanimous vote of the Officers to an individual who is known in the philatelic community, either locally or nationally, and who has demonstrated extraordinary levels of contributions to philately and to the Organization. An Honorary (non-voting) Member does not pay dues, and is given this designation for the duration of their lifetime. An Honorary Member may be considered a Regular Member, and may hold the right to one (1) vote, upon payment of dues in accordance with the Bylaws.


Section 1: The Officers of the Organization shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and an Associate Treasurer. The Officers may be referred to as a Board of Directors in the Secretary Minutes. An Officer must be a Regular Member in good standing to be considered for Office.

Section 2: The Duration of Office is two years beginning with the meeting following the election of officers. Those Officers being re-elected will have continuous service into the next two-year duration following the meeting of the election of officers.

Section 3: Nomination of Officers will be introduced during a meeting near, but before, the end of the two year term, and an Election will be held in January of odd-numbered years, or in a month as may be determined by the Officers, to be effective the following meeting. The majority of votes from those Regular Members in attendance in each of the Officer categories will establish an elected person.

Section 4: An Officer may be removed by a motion and a count of votes from those Regular Members in attendance to exceed 75-percent of total votes if (a) the Officer is found to be in violation of their duties under the Bylaws, and/or (b) no longer can perform those duties based on unforeseen or personal circumstances. If an Officer is removed under this Section, a Nomination for a replacement Officer will be held. If there is only a single Nomination, that person will become the replacement Officer at that same meeting by a show of majority hands (vote). If there are two or more Nominations, a vote will be taken at the next general meeting for the election of said Officer, and the majority of votes from those Regular Members in attendance will establish the elected replacement Officer.


The meetings of the Mesa Stamp Club, Inc. will be held every third Wednesday of every month. The Officers of the Organization may change this date for one month at a time with a motion and majority of vote by Regular Members during the previous general membership meeting. If a meeting is changed, a notification will be given to all Regular Members in good standing by either mail, email, or by telephone at least 15 calendar days in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting.


This Constitution may be Amended: (a) A proposed Amendment will be identified and discussed at a General Meeting, (b) from the discussion, a committee will be appointed by the Officers to DRAFT a document of the Amendment, (c) the DRAFT document of the Amendment will be brought to General Membership in the next General Meeting, and (d) a discussion as to the intended meaning will be held. If the DRAFT is accepted in discussion, a Motion will be made and seconded, and a Vote of 75% or more of those Regular Members in attendance will be required to carry the Motion. If the DRAFT is to be edited, it will be brought to the next General Meeting for the same consideration of Motion.