Non-Profit organizations are a fickle bunch.

They have so little and yet offer so much.

They most often times are small but they're nimble and crafty.

They rely on so few but provide for the many.

As President John Kennedy said, paraphrased, it's not what your club can do for you, it's what you can do for your club.

When the time comes during the year, and that call may come several times, consider volunteering - even for a few minutes.  It could be for setting up our meeting room, or taking it down.  Perhaps the club will need someone to staff a table at a show - even if you can't spend a few hours, offer something more suitable to your schedule.  And if you don't hear the calls during a meeting, offer to be a volunteer if anyone needs one.

The club appreciates it, your fellow philatelists appreciate it, and you'll feel that much better for having volunteered.

Thank you.