The Mesa Stamp Club, Inc. is an Arizona State organization formed under the IRS non-profit 501(c)7 Social and Recreational Club tax code.

As a 501(c)7 non-profit organization, financial and material donations, while greatly appreciated, are not tax deductible on your tax forms.

While donations to our club can not be tax deductible, that doesn't preclude donating items to the club to help support it.  From time to time we may need a non-philatelic item that would help the club in providing interesting opportunities.  For example, we've had members donate - for club use, a portable projection screen and books to loan out. amongst other items.  Very often members will also donate philatelic items for sale at our monthly auction.  Such items have included: stamps, stamp supplies, catalogs, albums, memorabilia, and even metal rulers, storage boxes, magnifying glasses and brief cases!

Thank you for your continued support!