ALL web sites are scanned hundreds of times daily by "web spiders" for names, addresses, phone numbers and especially email addresses then sold to Data Aggregators. (Unfortunately it's legal!) Such Data Aggregators then sell such contact information to scammers, junk email entities and so on. (Mostly legal in the USA.)

MOST IMPORTANTLY web pages for collectors such as currency, philatelic, and other valuable collectables are prized because neither the members nor their web master know or care about the exposing identifiable information of those that may have valuables.

To circumvent the spiders, please use HUMAN COMMON SENSE when referencing what we provide below. The email addresses need to be intelligently corrected to be of any use. Examples:

"dot kom" and similar should be translated into ".com"

"at" or "et" and similar should be translated into "@"

There will be spaces between the name, provider etc. THANK YOU for your consideration.










Rich rakgoma kat gmail dotty net