To Our Readers and Visitors

Earlier this year we needed to change not only our domain name provider but also our website provider.

As you can tell, we were successful in migrating our name to another provider.

As for the website itself - well....

We were able to salvage much of the basic information from the original site in files that need to be retyped into the new site (for various reasons we'll not go into detail here.)

So - although our club has a website up and running, we'll need to populate it with what the club members want. I'll go back and resurrect as much of the original data as we can, mindful that most of it were minutes from meetings several years ago.

If there's something you'd like to see here you'll need to remember that we're human, and we can't read minds. Drop me an email note or give me a call.

Thanks for your patience AND YOUR IDEAS.