Thank You AIRPEX 2017 volunteers!


The Mesa Stamp Club would like to thank the following members for volunteering their time in setting up, staffing and tearing down the displays, tables and supporting other critical roles a sucessful show such as ARIPEX requires:

Marsha Condit  -  volunteered to staff the Kids Corner for the entire show.

Bill Woytowich  -  Volunteered to set up on Tursday and Friday



(If we missed anyone kindly contact Rich Kantak - webmaster)






Thank You AIRPEX 2016 and prior years volunteers!


The Mesa Stamp Club would like to thank everyone that has supported and volunteered at these yearly events.  Currently we're missing the names of those club volunteers and would like to acknowledge their volunteer spirit here.  Contact Rich Kantak - Webmaster - with any updates!





Inspiration from the President.


There is nothing more inspiring in this world than hearing about one person helping another. It has been my pleasure and honor as the President of the Mesa Stamp Club to be associated with our members and board of directors. Our members are not just acquaintances but good friends and experienced philatelists, and I am proud to hear about their philanthropic endeavors. One of my most recent experiences follows, below, and I hope it inspires you as it did me... Leland Sherlock, O.D.

During one of our monthly meetings at the Mesa Stamp Club (Mesa, Arizona), our president Dr. Leland Sherlock informed us about a school teacher Mrs. Irina Sveshnikova in Saransk Russia. Mrs. Sveshnikova had started a children's philatelic club in her school and stated that in her town of Saransk it is very difficult to find philatelic material from the USA

A few days later, while I was working on my stamp collection, I was thinking of the school teacher in Russia. I have many extra American stamps in my collection and I decided to send Mrs. Sveshnikova a few used samples. I sent her 49 in all along with my email address and a warm welcome from the Mesa Stamp Club. A few weeks later I received an email from Mrs. Sveshnikova telling me that she had received the stamps that I had sent her.

She had also attached pictures of her students with their stamp collections (See Below). In her e-mail she also told me that the students like sports and aviation stamps the most and with the assistance of the Mesa stamp club I hope to send them more stamps and related items in the future... Daniel Sanchez, Assistant Treasurer


If you have any US stamps to send to this teacher it would show our goodwill and brotherhood toward our future philatelists.

Thanks, Leland


Good day!

My name Iren Sveshnikova, I am a leader of children's philatelic organization in my town. We are convinced that stamps will always maintain their best status as "little ambassador" in our country.

Unfortunately in my small russian town it is impossible to find philatelic material from USA.

I know you are very busy but I would be most grateful if you could have a send me free several stamps for educational purpose. For russian children's - seen how the beautiful stamps from USA.

Probably in these difficult financial times you do not provide free stamps abroad. But in my case you can make an exception and will send some stamps?

Mailing address:
Saransk 430005
Demokraticheskaya 11 - 56
Mrs. Iren Sveshnikova



From top to Bottom: Igor,Vanya,Irina and Sasha, and Dima and Fedya and Petya.

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