Welcome to the Mesa Stamp Club!




To all the 2018 ARIPEX Stamp Show VOLUNTEERS that helped make the

Friday 16 Feb thru Sunday 18 Feb run

at the Mesa Convention Center a huge sucess!


NOW FOR 2019 - the regular ARIPEX show itself has stepped aside for 2019 making calendar

time available for the APS sponsored show.

Volunteers will be needed, and this show is anticipated being a big one!





Founded March 28, 1973, the Mesa Stamp Club offers a world-wide membership interest in philately.

Our organization has been an American Philatelic Society member since July 31, 1975.

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APS Club #C-083978


Last Update

15 JAN 2019

19, 15, 8, 4, 1 FEB 2018

31, 30, 28 JAN 2018






Time:   Regular meetings are held throughout the year on the third Wednesday of each month between 7 and 9 PM with the doors opening usually around 6:15 PM for set up and socializing.

Location:   Alma Meadows Mobile Home Park Club House
535 S Alma School Rd., Mesa, Arizona
Just north of Highway 60, the park entrance is on the east side of Alma School Road just south of Broadway Road.





Our monthly meetings usually follows this agenda sequence:




Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report

President's Report

Guest Speaker or Presentation


Close of Business






Wow!  Not many clubs have such a neat activity such as our Auction!  Members are encouraged to bring in their duplicates, surplus inventory or Ebay excesses and have fun selling and buying!  Often times members donate lots to be sold to benefit the club.  You won't regret coming for this!






Honestly?  Visit one of our monthly meetings and see why we've been around for over 4 decades!   Heck - we'll even throw in free coffee and sometimes a cookie or two!  If you decide to join us it's only $6.00 a year for 12 fun packed meetings PLUS a Christmas Party to boot!






2019 Dates:
Apr 17 -  TBA

Mar 20 -  TBA (and our 46th year Anniversary!!!)

Feb 20 -  TBA

Jan 16 - General Discussion of members interests and on the APS show coming to town.


2018 Dates:
Apr 18 -

Mar 21 -  (Potential live presentation of our very successful web site)  and/or  TBD

Feb 21 -  Updating Treasurer's Records and presentation on Airmail Covers

Jan 17 - General Discussion on ARIPEX and coming year.


2017 Dates:

Apr 19 - John Clundt will speak to the members and friends.

Mar 15 - Mr. Kevin Lesk will take the floor to update us on this year's ARIPEX convention held in Mesa this past month.


2016 Dates:
Jan 20 - Dr. Steve Adler will present a program about Collecting Covers.


2015 Dates:
Dec 16 - This is our annual Holiday party - we'll see everyone there!

Nov 18 - Benefit Auction !! Bring your auctions to benefit the club.

Oct 21 - Bill will be giving us a Current (2015) Update of Stamp Collecting in Europe and South America.







As with any gathering, it's only as fun and interesting as you help make it.  If you've an interesting topic, story, collecting method, collecting aid or neat finds - consider sharing at one of our meetings.  You need not be a member to share and we all care about furthering our great hobby.  For any club questions or suggestions please contact our President shown in our Contact Listings.






We would greatly appreciate your feedback about our web site.

What might we include, write about, expand, update?

Your views and opinions are important so that we can help make

stamp collecting and clubs interesting, vibrant and welcoming.

Contact the webmaster on our contact page or any of the officers listed there.


Never too young....

Never too young at heart!

Counter Tally

15JAN19  -  42334

27JAN18  -  23980

30JAN18  -  24058

31JAN18  -  24102

 1 FEB18  -  24150

 4 FEB18  -  24294

 8 FEB18  -  24451

15 FEB18 -  24791

19 FEB18 -  25022


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Founded March 28, 1973.............................Incorporated March 18, 2015 .....................................Celebrating 45 years in 2018....................................